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Updated 12-13-09



CH. Signet's Luxury Dream

See Lexi's new litter, born September 16, 2009. CH. Overland In Suspense is the Father!


CH. Signet's Luxury Dream with her newborn litter.  Puppies are a few hours old.
Lexi's babies when they are 2 weeks old.

The tri boy and sable rough girl have their eyes open and are starting to walk!




                                        CH. Highcroft Lode-Ark's legend, ROM           


                                               Highcroft Nightline


                         CH. Highcroft Rob Mar's Rendition

                                  CH. Highcroft Ultimate Suspense


                                                      CH. Highcroft Lode-Ark's legend, ROM                        


                                               CH. Highcroft Legacy T'Bannerstone


                                      CH. Highcroft Colleraine Latte, ROM           

                                                  CH. Overland In Suspense


                                CH. Fantasy's Bronze Talisman, ROM


                                               CH. Overland Summer Storm, ROM


                                               CH. Overland Endless Summer, ROM                 

            Overland Toy Box


                                CH. Overland True Lies                      


                                               CH. Overland Pearl of Wisdom


Overland Tabu 

                                                                      Litter Whelped 9-16-09


                  CH. Twin City Secret Ambition


                                             CH. Barksdale Beneficiary


            CH. Shenstone Sympatico

                                       CH. Signet-Kelso's Comedy Central


           CH. Beltane's Hot Rumors


                                              CH. Signet's Oh Well!


         CH. Signet's Dark Moon

                                                     CH. Signet's Luxury Dream


                   CH. Marnus Golden Ruler, ROM


                                              Signet Marchello Wonderdog


                       CH. Signet Whispering Wind Song

                             CH. Signetís Ultimate Dream


                   CH. Marnus Golden Ruler, ROM


                                             CH. Signetís Family Secrets


              CH. Franchel's Royal Signet