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Updated 12-13-09



Extended Family Photos

This page is devoted to our 'extended family' which means those dogs who have been placed as family companions.  We always ask that our dogs become a member of the family and you will see photos exhibiting just this theme.  If you have photos you think we should include, just email a photo to me and I'll make sure it gets posted. (Please be patient.) I'm hoping I'll have a glut of photos to post. We love to see how well our Signet Collies fit in with the family!

Flirt loves to watch the water at her home (May 2007)

Blondie plays by the water with Peter, David, and Tim Schenkes in 2005.  (Also pictured is smooth tri dog Ory)



Moose (front) and Sammy are from the CH. Signet's First Class Travler x CH. Signet-Marchello Enchante litter.  They now live with Ron and Mary Anne.


Bruiser, AKA Signet's Black and Blue All Over, has retired from the show ring and now resides with his new family.                  Bruiser keeps the family busy with new adventures. He goes to class and is working on getting his CGC and TDI titles.

Mae rules the roost. She is queen of the house. We can not tell you how much joy she brings into our lives every day. She is such a social butterfly. Great with the kids. Has a playmate next door named Emma who is a chocolate lab the same age. They run around and play like two wild Indians. Her favorite toy, of which she has many, is an orange treat ball. Every night when I come home from the office she greats me, ball in tucked tightly in her mouth waiting for me to play with her. Mae loves following Dianne around the house and taking rides here and there.

Grandchildren Liam and Chloe pictured with Mae

Montara's Look to the Sea "Ocean"

(CH. Signet's Twice Is Nice X Montara That's My Story). 

She shows a lot of promise in both agility and herding. She loves to go out and run agility and can hardly wait for her turn in class. She also likes herding and wishes I would hurry up and learn how to do it. 


Dolly Dickenson loves her family.  She is seen here frolicking with her children.