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Updated 12-13-09



Signet's Tour de France

Signet's Tour de France, Lance, is a puppy co-bred with Robert and Lynn Myers.  This lovely male will grow up and look forward to being a show dog in the Signet lineup.  Look for him during the summer for his initial debut. 


                                                                                    CH. Overland Everlasting II

                                                                         CH. Marnus Golden Ruler, ROM

                                                                                    Marnus Golden Rule

                                         CH. Timeless Secret Warrior

                                                                                    CH. Highcroft Oak Knoll Triton, ROM

                                                                        CH. Oak Knoll's Timeless Reflection, ROM

                                                                                    CH. Timeless Over Energized, ROM

            Signet's Tour de France

                                                                                    CH. Marnus Golden Ruler, ROM

                                                                         CH. Signet’s Twice Is Nice, CGC, AOM

                                                                                    CH. Signet's Hopelessly In Love, ROM

                                         Signet's Devoted To You

                                                                                     CH. Accent's The Entertainer

                                                                         CH. Signet-Marchello Enchante’

                                                                                     CH. Signet's Band of Gold